10 Months of Game Development

It has been hard for 10 months. To explain better I want to talk about what was the situation for us and how we dealt with the difficulties we have come across with.

We have been working full-time on game development with my friend to establish our own game studio for 10 months. We work as indie game developers which means either we are founding ourselves or we are not founded yet. We both had some savings in our hands and we made a choice. After searching for a job for 3 months all around the world (and receiving lots of thanks emails), we decided to work on our own job.

It was a difficult decision, but I asked my father if he can help me achieve my goals. Luckily my father was ok with me trying to do something like this. I collect all my savings, packed up my bag, took all my stuff and left İzmir to my hometown Balıkesir. Next thing was to find a place to work, live. I solved it by moving to my family’s summer house. (It was a tough winter). Then the last thing was to find a good co-founder to work with, it was quickly solved with a phone call. I asked my friend how would things go if we start working together? He is a very talented guy and more experienced than me in game development. We both knew we would love to do this job as living. Every time we meet, we were talking about how nice it could be if we can make our own game studio. All setup was done finally in September 2018.

The first thing we did was to create a website so people can reach us easily. It took us 3 days to prepare everything for the website. I thought we could build our games for pc too. So I prepared Kongregate and Itchio pages for us. This part was important because in my opinion if you believe what you are doing, you can be successful. We made 10 games within 10 months. Also, we have more than 5 prototypes which we have killed during the development phase. I would not recommend working this hard for anyone if you are not a beginner.

Our working routine:

My friend is a morning person and I am a night owl. So how do we work together? We were using sticky papers to the wall before now we are using Trello. It is essential to use this kind of a system to keep things organized. Things were a lot easier after we started using Trello.



I start working after 12pm and sometimes I keep working till 12am. On the other side, my friend starts working very early. Tasks are on the board. Pick the task you want to work on and finish it was the routine. On every project start, we add tasks after a brainstorming session then we start working on it. You can take a look at the process of making a game post for details. We are two software engineers graduated from the same University. We know how to make a game. We have a background at making games. This is why we could make games fast. Of course, we are not masters of game making but in every game we make we are getting better. Also, we are getting faster in executing tasks.

During these 10 months, we worked hard, got stressed, depressed but in the end, we started from nothing to here. Now we are working with publishers. Started earning a little amount of money from what we are love doing. It is a win-win situation here. Now it is time to focus on to how to increase the amount we are earning. Keep in touch I will tell my story from zero to 1 million dollars one day.


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